Fabless IC design house, supplying ProxSense® capacitive proximity and touch sensors since 2004.  Azoteq is a world leader in terms of power consumption and sensitivity.  2016 sees the launch of the ProxFusion™ combination sensor family.


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ProxSense®: The Azoteq ProxSense® capacitive controllers are the most sensitive and
robust proximity and touch controllers available today.

ProxSense® unique technical features:

  • 1000 x more sensitive than competition (allows proximity)
  • Ultra low power consumption (down to sub 2µA)
  • RF Immunity
  • Water Immunity
  • Touch on Metal options
  • RF noise detection
  • Automatic Tuning Implementation
  • AC Noise filtering
  • On-chip regulator
  • Integration of external components
  • Lowest system cost

ProxFusion™: Azoteq’s ProxFusion™ sensor family builds on more than a decade of
capacitive sensor experience to integrate more than 6 different sensor
technologies into a single IC.

  • Capacitive
  • Inductive
  • Hall-effect switch
  • Hall rotation sensor
  • IR
  • Support for PIR (external component)
  • Ambient light sensors
  • All combined into single package
  • The single package, multi-sensor approach ensures:
  • Smaller BOM
  • Lower cost
  • Lower power consumption
  • Water Immunity
  • Higher reliability
  • Less overhead on the host MCU


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