APM Hexseal

Founded in 1947 with the mission to develop and manufacture environmental sealing solutions to protect and prolong the life of electromechanical switches and circuit breakers in hostile environmental conditions worldwide.


Website: www.apmhexseal.com/
Products: www.apmhexseal.com/product-lines/
Resources: www.apmhexseal.com/tech-info-faqs/technical-references-articles/


Filtered Solutions: Coaxial filters & Interconnects, Power Filters & Film Capacitors, Advanced Ceramics.
Magnetics: Custom and Standard Transformers & Inductors, Audio Power Conditioning Units, Current Sensors, High-Frequency Current Transformers, Snap-On Load Detectors.
Antennas: Patch Antennas and Assemblies, L-Band Arrays, GPS Dual-Band Solutions.

APM Hexseal distributors

Allied Electronics (408) 226-7008
DigiKey (800) 344-4539
Mouser Electronics (800) 346-6873
Newark Electronics (650) 812-6300
Wes-Garde Components (800) 554-8866

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