Bridge Marketing is an independent manufacturer’s representative firm based in Santa Clara, California. Eight dedicated sales professionals serve the electronics engineering community in Northern California and Northern Nevada.

Bridge Marketing represents only the highest quality electronic component manufacturers located worldwide.  Bridge presents their unique technologies to a broad customer base in the most ethical and professional way, “bridging the gap” between the solutions and those who need them.

The Bridge Marketing story began in the pioneering days of the electronics industry- back to 1931 when Michael Onken’s grandfather, Victor Zachariah (aka “Mr. Zack”) borrowed $2,000 to set up shop as Zack Radio Supply, a distributor, in San Francisco.  Later re-named Zack Electronics, it went on to have year-over-year sales growth for 56 consecutive years, except for one of the WWII years when there were component shortages.  Five locations and over 100 employees later, Zack’s exponential growth was guided largely by Zack’s son-in-law, Don Onken, until its sale in 1986.

Don changed hats from distributor to rep in 1987, when he acquired his friend’s firm, Del Bucchia Associates.  A name change to Bridge Marketing and two more acquisitions later, Don’s son Michael arrived on the scene in 1999.  Despite growing up in the electronics industry, Michael chose law school, graduating as the youngest in his class of 1992.  Michael preferred the sales environment to law, and went on to spend most of the 1990’s in investment management for the Private Client Departments at Montgomery Securities, and later Bear Stearns, before eventually joining Bridge.

Don and Michael led Bridge through its greatest growth trajectory, even with economic collapses in 2001 and 2008.  Bridge incorporated in 2008, and Michael took over as President.  About that time, Michael capitalized on a friendship with Brad Bowman and Sandy Smith at Electro-Sales, another well-respected, growing rep firm.  They merged and continued to grow its sales organization to eight.

Manufacturers that present unique solutions to target customers and industries in northern Nevada and northern California may contact Brad Bowman, Sales Manager, directly at, for consideration.

Bridge Marketing Staff

Bridge Marketing Staff

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Bridge Marketing Office


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